Start loving and Propose ISCA To-DAY(2 days Starter)

Once a great scientist said “You Must Work Hard Before You Work Smart”

For To-Day we are going to discuss about #ISCA and Preparation methodologies. Primarily ISCA is theory Subject induced with Practicalities of Information Systems and Audit Controls in computerised Environment.

Thumb rule for preparation of ISCA is maintain a small Book (pocket size is Fine-OR a pair of papers to write the terminologies which can’t be replaced while writing the answer ).Because while preparing many Of us will Not have a clarity what is this or why is this used? (this is just for Passing criteria is fixed in many of our mindset)

After Searching the Major Articles For ISCA Every One is specifically saying points like (study daily, practice well, 1st chapter important..) Well Same things i Don’t want to rephrase them again in here let’s get in to practical mode like After opening Book …

As usual Daily for theory subject 1.5- 3  hours time

Day 1:  Start with Auditing of Information Systems (hopefully there are not many Authors for ISCA and majority follows  same names as study material) because  More practical Concepts like ( risks we face in Day to Day audit with Information Systems in hand, Audit trail, Audit Tools i.e..{Snapshots, audit hooks etc..}  )

Note : As far as our IPCC knowledgeà we study that its de-merit for the computerised environment  is lack of audit trail But in practical if client is using a new customised software then you can’t say him Either I don’t understand your software or believe the output of software just because its great –Just basic things Like we will give a dummy input and verify the output—In advanced Levels we use small hand-made programmes run on the system to analyse the step by step Procedure in an Information system Audit . You can understand this , but U still need to write the Audit trail answer as the 1.boundary Controls 2.Input/Output Controls3.Processing controls 4.Database Controls

So While reading this subject Kindly bring out that Software Engineer in your eternal Schema ..(like how you feel when u fix a broken internet connection or Repair the internet options of browser During Peek tax Audit Time)


Day 2:  Now as you started feeling yourself  as Steve Jobs assistant who is under training first know the regulatory Issues of Information Systems Act  which is chapter – 7 in study material the concepts Like (cyber fraud, Examination of  genuineness of Electronic Evidence , offences ..these are Much practical and Must and Should for Upcoming CA’s because in a Decode we can See Electronic Evidences, Digital Sign Tamperings, De-Mapping the System{this is not greek but its a change of program code with out proper authorisation like..Changing the Vochers and Authorisatiins} and So on.. If you had Any more interest complete The emerging technologies or else take it on Next day majorly Consisting of

àCloud Computing ( don’t think  that if you have a SKYDRIVE A/C(cloud storage By Microsoft) or Google Drive  A/C  then it’s enough knowledge for answer then you are wrong) there is much more in-depth things like ..front end, Back end  Architecture, Models Of Computing like SAaS ,PAaS etc..

  • Balance Concepts Like Social Media ,Green IT, Mobile &Grid Computing, Components of web 2.0 like (Blogging, Wikis, Podcasts etc..) .the main aim of this to understand the back end process and to have a basic  idea for helping in developing useful software’s and Solving the Clumsy puzzles  of transaction as per regulations .{ When an Auditor having a back-end Knowledge involved in making a Packaged Software there is less scope for manipulation of finance matters }.Don’t forget to read the Security related Issues of all (because Questions Like threats of BYOD, Challenges of Social Network etc..) are seen regularly in question papers.


So that’s how we start being software technical Expert by help of ISCA.

So Called Preventive Measures  are :

  1. As we understand the Use of software’s we write in practical way of Implementation But the examiner wants in the manner of System Developer so our words may mis-lead the answer ( own Word answers may be Injurious because u know their implementation Like the same Example of Cloud Computing)
  2. No shortcut is useful, no help is fruitful , Just start to-day and try to maintain pocket notes of new terminology and short notes of faculty + Practice-manual
  3. Technical Jargon in Pocket Notes Will Help You very Much because you much Cover entire syllabus in 10 hrs before exam Always think about that 10-12 hours always.

Hope That helps,

Thanks for Reading it Patiently


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