Head Start To SFM in 2 Days

Let me start this with the best quote I repeat my self


First of all this is to give you small intimation that  this article is only for the Students in final Level (Hopefully I assume you may had completed the Articles like me or may Not)

Every where u Google every one as given CA-FINAL Preparation plan with respect to Hours , minutes , Some are Much Aggressive they had Calculated Seconds . Now I am Not repeating the Same Excel Calculations but giving you a small brief to start the subject and the way to get in to it .


So let’s start with #SFM.(just because Different faculties Name the chapters in a different manner so I took the Study Material & Practice manual As the Base )

 Entire topics should be covered are specified in step by step procedure kindly have patience to read Fully.

   DAY 1 :          Starting with theory chapters will help because of our confused state of Mind After results u cant directly hit on the Practical (just as an Assumption if you can then please )

à1. Financial Policy & Corporate strategy (Basic Questions Like Financial Planning, Strategic planning)

à10. Money Market Operations (theory About the Money Market i.e.. Repo rate, Treasury bills etc.. sums based on Commercial paper )

    DAY 2 :           Well on day 1 u had already Quite spent some time SFM Basic s and Started With Sums related to commercial Papers (Practice Manual).

à  8. Financial Services in INDIA (This is a Small Chapter But Had Some of Typical Concepts Like FACTORING which we feel confused before exams SO let’s address this initially And theory Like Credit rating, Investment Bank related Things can be found here

à 11th Chapter in practice manual is about FDI, FII (theory about Foreign exposure In Capital budgeting Decisions Which Will be helpful with Capital budgeting Chapter) Sums Like Foreign currency capital Budgeting Decisions.


Well in 2 Days We Had completed the introductory part of the SFM and 10-12 Marks And Now We Had Basics in relation With 2 Major Chapters (Bonds in day1, Capital Budgeting in day2) so now u can decide which chapter u can start . continue the stream of heat for ( 3-5 Days) Daily 1 – 2 Hours

My View Is go for Capital Budgeting (Scoring criteria) Followed by –>

  1. LEASING (mostly Capital Budgeting sums r related to Leasing)
  2. Dividend Policy
  3. Mutual Funds
  4. Merger & Acquisitions

Special Note : For Dividend Policy ,Mutual Funds , M&A Formulas Can Never Save You( Just try to Do Sums ) . Well i suggest you to write the way of answering the question a theoretical way Like..

Step1 : Will calculate the NAV

Step 2: Will draw the Table regarding Comparison


Now u had Successfully Started The Preparation very well Just By spending Daily 1hr For 2 days Now Continue your Motivation Well to start the practical


That’s how you can over Come the starting trouble in SFM and Next Articles Will follow with Simplifying the Notes Of Different Subjects in theory and Practical for CA-FINAL and Also Same Starters For all the Subjects.

As usual So Called Preventive Measures :

  1. Stick to one material and Notes
  2. Complete practice manual By February( tough One But Still But at-least mark on Every page that You touched IT)
  3. Maintain Same Rough notes For the Subject ( because the points you note in it Will serve you like anything)
  4. Write the Problem Number In the book how to revise in the Afternoon of FR-exam (Exam timing 10.30-1.30)
  5. If you cant revise that in the 1.5 Day Span you cant score ( trust me i Suffered that) So always Remember that 1.5 day time span for preparation make notes to cover everything in that time because thats what we need


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