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The thing is we are exposed to MS -office at very early age of our life like school presentation, School Project report.Since Like the Early Education We think that We know About MS Excel Much But when it comes to Financial Sector the knowledge you already had may not be much use full for any purpose either for daily reports or for Decision making in a strategical level. Some Get chance of developing their skills in office many others who are waiting for good job and willing to learn about Excel but confused to learn” what” and “where” then this is for you ūüėä

Well let’s Start from Basics this will be a Four article series will be which will give an edge over others in work environment in excel. My way of Basic Means The persons Who are aware of excel but facing practical difficulties due to lacking of tricks or Not getting enough time space for advanced excel training. So this is not an article of Saying How to open a worksheet or how to start in an Excel .this will help you in guiding yourself from intermediary stage top PRO level.

1.Tired of copying Same Content In two or more sheets then use this àSelect all Sheets In down of Excel + then type your content in Sheet no.1 then automatically the remaining sheet will get the same content so no need of copying them again. This feature of excel is called Grouping and Ungrouping

2.Well while you Copy cells containing Formulae you feel irritated due to error results the below tricks can help you

  • Paste Special (Alt+C+S)
  • Transpose the row to colums & coloumn to row (select transpose from Paste special)
  • Order of executing formulae by system is
    • First executes()
    • Secondly *&/
    • +/- ( so frame your formulae in that manner of execution)
  • Cell reference When you are using a Single Cell and Calculating Many percentage Make sure You give absolute reference in formulae which means (USE ‚Äė$‚ÄĚ symbol i.e.. suppose you are calculating different ratios based on Sales,So sales is fixed in a cell assuming in A25 then don‚Äôt simple give its address as A25 instead use $A$25)
  • Mixed reference can also be given depending on Version of excel ( Mixed reference means Simply using ‚Äė$‚Äô once likewise for previous example ($A25)
  • If you copied different text from another work book or sheet to a new one then some of the cells may be compressed or it may not be in same format as previous √†( most experienced when you copy previous year Balance sheet to new Work book for preparing Current Year) no need adjusting every single cell just do √† ALT+O+C+A ( then your cells will be adjusted to maximum size of text in it.
  • Some Important Shortcuts which are helpful for finance professional in day to day Reports are
    • Alt+Enter:¬†To insert a new line within a cell
    • F2:¬†To edit within a cell
    • Shift+F2:¬†Allows you to add comments in the cell.
    • Ctrl+F2:¬†Opens the print preview
    • Ctrl+Enter:¬†To fill selected cells with an entry you have typed in another cell.
    • Ctrl+D or Ctrl+R:¬†This key will help you to fill the data right or down through selected cells.
    • Ctrl+F3:¬†To create a name
    • Ctrl ; (semi-colon) or Ctrl : (colon):¬†To enter the current date and time
    • F11:¬† To create a chart from a range of the data
    • Ctrl ~:¬†Toggles the display of formulas.
    • Ctrl+Z:¬†Undo
    • Ctrl+V:¬†Multiple paste
    • Ctrl+*:¬†Select current region
    • Shift+F11:¬†Insert new work sheet
    • Ctrl+N:¬†Open new workbook
    • Ctrl+X:¬†Cut
    • Ctrl+spacebar:¬†select
    • Shift+spacebar:¬†Columns select rows
    • Ctrl+B, Ctrl+U:¬†Cells, Bold, Underline
    • Ctrl+A:¬†This shortcut is useful when you want to select the entire sheet or the current area.
    • Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V:¬†These shortcuts are useful when you want to copy and paste anything after selecting the region or anywhere else in the entire worksheet.
    • Ctrl+Y:¬†This helps you redo any of your previous action.
    • Ctrl+F:¬†This shortcut helps in finding any dialogue box.
    • Ctrl+H:¬†This shortcut will automatically help you in replacing any dialogue box. This is very useful when you want to find any text in Excel worksheet.
    • Ctrl+Shift+Right / Ctrl+Shift+Down:¬†Is for filling across the columns and rows. Use this shortcut instead of clicking and dragging within the cell to the right/ down.
    • Alt+‚Äô:¬†This shortcut is for applying the style quickly to your models as this shortcut brings up the style dialogue box.
    • Ctrl+End:¬†This shortcut helps you get to the end of your worksheet in a flash.
    • F7:¬†This shortcut helps you quickly check your spelling.


This will be just a drill How we start excel in professional world .this will be continued by tables , charts , graphs , How excel can be used as Analysis tool and Creation of dash board and Interactive Financial Models .

So that’s it For the Week Guys .in the next week we will get part-2 of¬† Excel professional .Dont Waste Much Money On Online& offline Classes.Just Stay tuned to TradingCA website¬†we assure the best return on this free time Investment..At last Part You will get Video Links to Access free Lectures on Advanced Excel.

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