Disturbed Dream

Disturbed Dream:
“ Yaisa Sirf Picture Mey Hota hai Dosth “—“Asali may Picture Kuch Different Hai “
Students Of Chartered Accountancy Course are highly Motivated , Clearly Informed , Logically Corrected and Statistically Convinced. At least I m Assuming Many Of them in Final Level {if you r still in Mindset of So called Institutes  Only god can Save You} had this Mind set Of analysing things in their own way.

As many of us are good Day Dreamers – We neither be With Full clarity to what to do NOR Just study (first let’s clear it yarr will see after that)—Majority are in Middle of this
As we don’t know what it means off-course they seem interesting ..Only thing we know about them is  I m here to make a career in that after qualifying You may change your opinion After Reading this ..
Classifying Ourselves as 3 Categories:
1.Big 4 Pens  As we can See they work For Big 4 or Big Firms – More scope than you and Me
2.Metro Pencilsthese guys work in Metro either Big firm or small have friends and Coaching mates and thinks to try Big
3.Town PapersWork in small Towns greater point in their articles is #OUTSTATION or September Biryani at max Bank Audits..!
4.Under covers Dummy dudes or Unknown names of Firm

If you are Dreaming The Above Keywords As I mentioned then Let me give you a small clarification to your career
People Use Pens for majority, Pencil for Minority , papers for Just Information purpose And Covers just to Clean(that to 1/100).
That’s A word Clarification For your Greater Dreams Of Full Blazered Investment Banker ..
(Believe ME I Belong To last Category so I know a few)
As Of Know Quite De-Motivating Article it is Yes same like our Career Till date Because Its Not only You who is Studying #SFM there are many who thought same And Qualified .You too Following The same Stream Lined Up and Old Cooked Up things .
Skill Set Required TO become an Investment Banker or make career in capital markets :
1.Pitch Book preparation (Explaination Will give another page Just Google It)
2.Advanced Excel Skills ( May I remind You PIVOT table is not a skill set –Analysis, Dashboards)
3.Presentation Skills –(its Not Preparation of “How You love your dad in GMCS or orientation” )
4.Financail Modelling Skills ( Bank Projections is Not financial Modeling)
5.Good and fluent English in writing and Speaking ( Dude I am CBSE student you are talking about My language –No One cares if you cant write Business mail with in Miniates Where You will have to search synonym’s to use as prescribed in the Act )
6.For a Trader  Technical Analysis and other factors Depending On Segment ( definitely this is not Seeing the Graph in Money control or Google )
7.For a risk manager  Additional Qualifications Like FRM/CFA or Any Foreign registered Business management degree are preferred ( On side Note Lovely professional University Distance Degree Can be treated As #Share Button In Youtube Everyone Can See But Very Use them)
8.Many More as per the Requirement of field
So That’s the Basic ground Of dreaming a So called “Investment Banker Dream”.

If you are Ready to Have some of them In your Pockets then You can take time to dream of them To make a career In It….In the Next Article Wil share what are best ways To Acquire those skills Believe me we will Start From Scratch..
That’s It Guys Any Constructive queries and Corrections are openly Welcomed

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