Nursery Of Trading


How to start trading?
A Million dollar question to start – How to do, what to do,these all are the questions run in mind for a student to start his career in markets.
First of all one thing you need to know about markets is  Markets are more volatile than a women Mind in shopping so you need have patience before you start trading. Money in the markets Flow from im-patient to patient traders. There are only hand full of people who make money on aggressive trades.
1.D-mat Account from Registered Broker (Sharekhan, Angel, Zerodha etc..)
2.Balance in Fund is mandatory (:P)
First thing in your mind is  never listen to some one tips or depend on your luck for trading (do some minimum Homework before you trade even one rs.).
My Logic is (just answer this question before taking advice)If that person who is selling you idea is that confident of his idea why can’t he trade himself and make more money –Why is he sharing that million dollar winning trade with you neither he is your sisters husband or Blood-friend?
After opening D-mat Second Question arises is how to trade?
The answer to this varies from different brokers software’s because each of them have different user-interface.
What is Options & Futures?
Contracts traded on Exchange on taking basis the underlying Shares, Commodities, Currency Pairs. Detailed analysis of derivatives is discussed in another article.
What Are the Segments?
1.Cash Segment Which means Equity Shares trading With Balance you had in Your account
2.F&O Segment Trading in Futures and Options with Balance in your Account –If you are starter Start With Only Cash Don’t try to dare with out proper information—I don’t think people Will be that Fool To directly trade in F&O with out proper Knowledge on them Which requires greater money (I mean More than Rs.30,000/-)
What is the minimum Amount I can Start Trading?
Well this is also most asked question , My answer is Start With Rs5000/- because you can trade as much you can in Cash Segment in intraday or take receipt of shares (even Myself Started From the same Amount)..below that u cant buy Max. shares in Multiples of more than 10.

Stop thinking Start investing But learn first then remove “L”. Don’t over think And think of Climbing Over Running Bull you will just fall change the shapes of your wonderfull face ..So think right sit tight..

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